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There are few areas in Physical Anthropology that arouses as much debate as the relationship between H. neanderthalensis to modern human beings H. sapiens sapiens. The debate has oscillated between denial of a relationship to an acceptance by the early 1960's. The 1970's and 80's saw swing the other way with the Out of Africa Theory (OOA). The 1990's have been a veritable tug of war between the OOA proponents and the Multi-Regionalists (MR's). Lately, the MR's are anxiously debating the results from the Lapedo find, a 24,500 year old apparently mixed Neanderthal/Cro-Magnon child found in Portugal in late 1998, the Mungo Lake (Australia) mtDNA results and the unexpected cranial morphological changes in the Georgian H. erectus finds as well as the implications of the nuclear DNA sequencing Who were the ancestors of the Neanderthals? Did they pass their genes on to us or were they an evolutionary dead end ? Are the current mtDNA studies valid ? Will they be able to answer our pressing questions to our own ancestry ? These pages attempt to answer these questions, as well as provide the reader with up to date information on the latest sites and discoveries. We will soon be posting the exciting Lapedo child find of the mixed Neanderthal/H. sapiens find in Portugal ! We will also feature an updated links page and vastly expanded bibliography page.

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